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Friday, December 17, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 12/17/2010

Our finance-oriented holiday gift guide [MarketFolly]

How to get into value investing as a profession [GannonOnInvesting]

The high yield one-way ride [Econompicdata]

Conversation with David Gaffen of Reuters US Markets [AbnormalReturns]

David Gaffen has a new book out: Never Buy Another Stock Again [Amazon]

Jim Chanos raises money for new hedge fund [FINalternatives]

What's wrong with Research in Motion (RIMM) & Blackberry? [MobileOpportunity]

On communicating ideas [ResearchPuzzle]

A miscellany of deep value [Greenbackd]

The relation between hedge fund size and risk (.pdf) [SpringMountainCapital]

On staying in the game [Information Arbitrage]

Looking at James Maynard Keynes as an investor [CanTurtlesFly?]

The case for US equities [FT Alphaville]

The case against gold [Globe and Mail]

Highland Capital bullish on credit [Dealbook]

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