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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 12/23/10

A head's up interview with David Einhorn [Dealbreaker]

Talking investment strategy for 2011: a roundtable [Bespoke]

Elfenbein's buy list for 2011 [CrossingWallStreet]

Whitney Tilson's short thesis on Netflix (NFLX) [Market Folly]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings responds to Tilson [SeekingAlpha]

Whitney Tilson responds to Netflix CEO's comments [zerohedge]

Investing fads and themes by year, 1996-2010 [ReformedBroker]

For activist funds, a long-term approach to investing [Dealbook]

RenTec's Medallion fund poised for two of its 'worst' years [Institutional Investor]

Interview with tech-focused hedge fund Thompson Peak Capital [BusinessInsider]

Top 10 hedge fund stories of 2010 [AbsoluteReturn+Alpha]

77% of RIA's are satisfied with their jobs [WSJ]

Discovery Communications market neutral pair trade [AboveAvgOdds]

Ten investment ideas for 2011 [Marketwatch]

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