What We're Reading ~ 1/14/11 ~ market folly

Friday, January 14, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 1/14/11

Interview with hedge fund legend Michael Steinhardt [Benzinga]

If you could short Facebook, would you? (read the comments section too) [Reformed Broker]

Eclectica's Hendry bets China will fail [Bloomberg]

We previously covered Hendry's Asian bear portfolio [Market Folly]

Why it's a great time to launch a hedge fund [Fortune]

Signs of a top in the cupcake industry [BarbarianCapital]

Verizon's $100 billion conundrum with Vodafone [WSJ]

Hedge fund manager-diversification versus strategy-diversification [AllAboutAlpha]

Three winning fund managers from 2010 give current investment outlook [WashingtonPost]

Profile of $19 billion Canyon Partners [Bloomberg]

Hedge fund Clarium slumps from peak [Bloomberg]

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