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Friday, February 4, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 2/4/11

Rules for shorting [Big Picture]

See also: Kathryn Staley's The Art of Short Selling [Amazon]

Video interview with value investor Vitaliy Katsenelson [Abnormal Returns]

Three ideas for the under-invested (reprise) [ReformedBroker]

Productivity: 12 steps to getting things done [KirkReport]

David Tepper cautious on Pittsburgh Steelers & markets [AbsoluteReturnAlpha]

Atticus' Tim Barakett backs macro fund launch [AbsoluteReturnAlpha]

Iridian Asset Management's latest letter [ZeroHedge]

Why Jamie Dinan worries about small hedge funds [Dealbook]

Video: Why Jim Chanos is short China [FT]

Chanticleer's letter to investors [MyInvestingNotebook]

Manager from Viking Global resigns [Bloomberg]

A technical overview of the market [Trader's Narrative]

Absolute Return Partners LLP letter [Scribd]

New investment screening tool [Zignals]

Tiger Asia disappointed with small 2010 gain [Bloomberg]

Profile on Meredith Whitney [Bloomberg]

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