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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valinor Management Boosts Cott (COT) Position, Starts Solarwinds (SWI) Stake

David Gallo's hedge fund firm, Valinor Management, recently filed two 13G's with the SEC regarding recent portfolio activity. First, the hedge fund has increased its stake in Cott Corporation (COT). We previously detailed when Valinor started a COT stake back in early December.

Cott Corporation (COTT)

Gallo's firm now shows an 8.8% ownership stake in COT with 8,313,841 shares due to portfolio activity on January 19th. This is a 52% increase in their position size since a month ago.

Readers will be interested to know that shares of COT are largely trading around the level where Valinor established its position in the stock. This is one of those rare opportunities where the timelag in the regulatory disclosure is negligible in allowing an investor to purchase shares at relatively the same price as the hedge fund.

Solarwinds (SWI)

Second, Valinor Management has also revealed a brand new position in Solarwinds (SWI). Due to portfolio activity on January 19th, Gallo's hedge fund shows a 5.4% ownership stake in SWI with 3,803,204 shares.

For more portfolio activity from this hedge fund, we also detailed Valinor's new position in Swift Transportation (SWFT), as well as the addition to their DSW stake (DSW).

Per Google Finance, Cott Corp is "a non-alcoholic beverage company and a retailer brand soft drink provider. In addition to carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), its product includes clear, still and sparkling flavored waters, juice-based products, bottled water, energy-related drinks and ready-to-drink teas."

Solarwinds "designs, develops, markets, sells and supports enterprise information technology (IT), management software to IT professionals in organizations of all sizes. The Company’s offerings ranges from individual software tools to software products, which solve problems faced every day by IT professionals and help to enable management of networks and IT environments."

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