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Friday, January 28, 2011

Follow A Hedge Fund Manager's Portfolio

Today we're excited to announce that Market Folly readers receive an exclusive 10% discount to Dasan Stock Digest, a publication that provides the portfolio trades of a successful hedge fund manager.  Receive 10% off by entering the following discount code at checkout: marketfolly10

We've been reading Dasan Stock Digest for a few months now and can personally vouch for it as a high quality source of information with an actionable portfolio. Dasan provides rationale behind each position bought or sold as well as detailed industry metrics. Dasan returned 65.4% last year versus 15.06% for the S&P 500.

What's Included in Dasan Stock Digest?

- Investment alerts notifying subscribers what he is buying and selling
- Monthly update on the investments in the portfolio
- Monthly reports on the technology and gaming industries
- Focus reports on individual stocks

Portfolio Manager Background

The portfolio manager spent 13 years at UBS and Merrill Lynch, 4 years as a tech analyst and a portfolio manager at a hedge fund, and attended Columbia Business School's value investing program.

Research Example: Apple (AAPL)

Since Apple is one of the most popular stocks among hedge funds, we wanted to present Dasan Stock Digest's update on AAPL including earnings summary, model, conference call notes, & more. Embedded below is an example of the type of research you'd receive:

Here's your chance to access a hedge fund manager's portfolio in real-time at a much cheaper price than direct money management.  Receive 10% off by entering this code at checkout: marketfolly10

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