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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dan Arbess' Xerion Fund Likes Chemical Stocks

Per Bloomberg's Hedge Fund Brief, Dan Arbess' Xerion Fund (part of Perella Weinberg Partners) is betting on chemical stocks. In particular, he likes those companies that utilize lower-cost natural gas in production, such as LyondellBasell (LYB).

Chemical maker LYB emerged from bankruptcy last year and has been a big favorite amongst investment managers. In fact, LyondellBasell was a consensus buy in the fourth quarter amongst hedge funds we track in our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter. In addition to Xerion, Dan Loeb's Third Point LLC holds a large stake in LYB as it is their fifth largest position.

Arbess said that, "There are a lot of companies that can just take higher feedstock costs and pass them right on to their customers. They are being sold off very aggressively right now and can be picked up. We liked them 10-15% higher before the sell-off; we love them down here." In addition to LYB, Arbess fancies Solutia (SOA) and Rockwood Holdings (ROC).

Arbess also reiterated his positions in exploration and production oil companies in Brazil and West Africa. We've posted about these investments in a previous investor letter that detailed Xerion's 2011 investment strategy & outlook.

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