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Friday, March 4, 2011

Top 10 Biggest Hedge Funds in 2010

AbsoluteReturn+Alpha is out with its 2010 year-end survey of the top ten hedge funds in the Americas. Their findings show that American hedge funds manage a combined $1.297 trillion, up 10% from the year prior. However, this still falls short of the 2008 peak level of $1.675 trillion before the financial crisis.

The Top Ten Hedge Funds in the Americas

1. Bridgewater Associates: $58.9bn AUM
2. JPMorgan Asset Management: $45.5bn
3. Paulson & Co: $36bn
4. Soros Fund Management: $27.9bn
5. Och-Ziff Capital Management: $27.6bn
6. BlackRock: $26.6bn
7. Baupost Group: $23.4bn
8. Angelo, Gordon & Co: $22bn
9. Farallon Capital Management: $21.5bn
10. King Street Capital Management: $19.9bn

Possibly the most astonishing fact here is that in 2010 the big... got even bigger. Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Associates increased its AUM by $15.3 billion. Dalio gave a rare interview yesterday that's definitely worth listening to. His Pure Alpha Fund II gained 44.8% last year, quite the performance when you compare it to other 2010 hedge fund returns.

Of the hedge funds featured on the list, we provide updates on the portfolio activity of four of them:

- Seth Klarman's Baupost Group has been active in commercial real estate and we just posted up an excerpt from his year-end investor letter.

- Paulson & Co has been focusing on restructured equities as noted in their year-end letter.

- Farallon Capital focuses on risk arbitrage and their investments have been featured in our newsletter.

- You can also view the latest portfolio activity from Soros Fund Management here.

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