Eton Park Reduces Airgas (ARG) Position ~ market folly

Friday, April 1, 2011

Eton Park Reduces Airgas (ARG) Position

Eric Mindich's hedge fund firm Eton Park Capital has reduced its stake in Airgas (ARG). Due to an amended 13D filing with the SEC, Eton Park now shows a 4.92% ownership stake in ARG with 4,145,191 shares due to portfolio activity on March 29th.

This is a 31% reduction in their position size. Back in December 2010, Eton Park owned 7.15% of Airgas. The bulk of their recent sales came on February 16th and March 30th at weighted average prices of $63.0019 and $66.3244, respectively.

You'll recall that Airgas had in the past been subject to a takeover bid by Air Products (APD). Eton Park had supported the bid after APD raised its offer numerous times. However, Airgas did not seem receptive. For now, Eton Park still holds a position, albeit a smaller one than previous months.

Per Google Finance, Airgas is "a distributor of industrial, medical and specialty gases (delivered in packaged or cylinder form), and hardgoods, such as welding equipment and supplies."

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