What We're Reading ~ 4/1/10 ~ market folly

Friday, April 1, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 4/1/10

Evaluating equity investments: Accounting for Value [Stephen Penman]

Famed subprime short-seller Michael Burry's FCIC testimony [ValueWalk]

AIG's mistake explained [Economics of Contempt]

How Verizon could purchase Sprint and harm Vodafone [Cautious Bull]

Bill Ackman speaking at Make A Difference in Milwaukee on April 27th

Bridgewater, Elliott & SAC shape report on long-term investing [AR+Alpha]

More on Chinese reverse mergers [CNBC]

GGP, HHC, The Wall Street Journal and David Simon [ValuePlays]

What hedge fund managers know about making money [Marketwatch]

Managed account platform assets grow by 27% [HFMWeek]

Hedge funds may salvage month despite quake [WSJ]

Short linkfest this week. For more good financial reads, head to Abnormal Returns

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