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Monday, May 23, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 5/23/11

The new issue of our newsletter: Hedge Fund Wisdom [Market Folly]

Hedge fund panel with Jamie Dinan, Izzy Englander & Lee Ainslie [Dealbreaker]

Three things that are bottoming [Reformed Broker]

The scuttlebutt method of stock research [Bronte Capital]

15 fundamentals to win the battle with the market [Kirk Report]

UltraShort 20 year treasury ETF performance simulator (TBT) [Symmetric Info]

Why a pair of Crox cost me $1 million [Leigh Drogen]

Eddie Lampert's Sears cult supporters [GLGroup]

Audio of S&P futures pit during flash crash [Big Picture]

Five disciplines of great investors [WashingtonPost]

Real median incomes versus supermarket stocks? [Barbarian Capital]

Kyle Bass: elite hedge funds getting special treatment [BusinessInsider]

SAC Capital readies quant fund; first new offering in six years [FINalternatives]

How Bruce Berkowitz stumbled with AIG [Fortune]

Berkowitz: "I was wrong" [WSJ]

Jim Cramer hits an all-time high [NYTimes]

Poker players nearly as skilled as baseball players [HuffPo]

Burger Wars: In-N-Out vs Five Guys vs Shake Shack [SeriousEats]

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