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Friday, May 27, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 5/25/11

Further notes from this week's Ira Sohn Conference [ReformedBroker]

How stock picks at last year's Ira Sohn fared [Absolute Return + Alpha]

Video: Debating the merits of the Ira Sohn Conference [Reuters]

Seasonality in the markets? [AbnormalReturns]

Bruce Berkowitz is beating hedge fund managers at their own game [Institutional Investor]

And some tech focused links:

Yes, price to earnings does matter [ValuePlays]

LinkedIn (LNKD) one of most costly stocks to short [Marketwatch]

LNKD IPO: party like it's 1999? [New Yorker]

Amazon (AMZN) tablet coming soon? [Techinsidr]

Why AMZN will enter the crowded tablet market [PCMagazine]

E-books causing seismic shift in publishing [Marketwatch]

Apple (AAPL) Mac sales growing faster than PC sales [Guardian]

When flash changed storage forever [EMC]

Why does Yahoo! (YHOO) fail? [Cenedella]

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