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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jason Mitchell of GLG Partners on Investing in Sustainability

Jason Mitchell of GLG Partners was recently named one of Institutional Investor's 2011 rising hedge fund stars. He appeared on CNBC to talk about sustainable picks as well as how he approaches socially responsible investing.

He ponders, "What is sustainability? What is the opportunity set around that? And how we've defined it is: sustainability is the investment required to address demographic, environmental and social change."

He says there are around 8-10 sectors that reflect that, mentioning healthcare, education services, and agriculture.

Regarding healthcare specifically, Mitchell notes that "it's defensive, there's value, there's a lot of optionality, but even outside of the US, we're sitting on the cusp of a really interesting start of privatization in Germany ... probably two-thirds of German public hospitals are losing money and as a result, under investing. And the government is slowly, very deliberately and thoughtfully privatizing some of that and there are two companies out there. I mean, these are mid to large cap companies and they know how to run it. They reinvest, increase doctor count, and as a result get a more efficient balance sheet."

Embedded below is Mitchell's video interview with CNBC (email readers need to come to the site to watch the video):

We've also posted up an interview with another 2011 hedge fund rising star: Grandmaster Capital's Patrick Wolff who says that China is a debt-fueled investment bubble.

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