What We're Reading ~ 6/30/11 ~ market folly

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 6/30/11

Top ten perks of the 2011 proxy season [Footnoted]

Hedge fund setups: small teams versus sector heads [Bronte Capital]

Gold's investment attributes [AAII]

PIMCO loads up on muni-bonds backed by tobacco companies [Barron's]

Seahawk Drilling: value in bankruptcy? [Oddball Stocks]

Some hedge funds picked up Seahawk shares in the past [Market Folly]

Hedge fund persistence (.pdf download) [Financial Analysts Journal]

Investors' new worry: is there Greek debt in money market funds? [WSJ]

Why some pros still believe a big stock rally is coming [CNBC]

Direct hedge fund investments boosting consulting business [Pensions & Investments]

The $100 million ATM receipt [Dealbreaker]

Audio: angry shareholder confronts Carol Bartz @ Yahoo meeting [Techcrunch]

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