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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

David Einhorn Buys Seagate Technology (STX), Sells Various Stocks

ZeroHedge posted up David Einhorn & Greenlight Capital's Q2 investor letter which reveals that the hedge fund was down 2.5% for the quarter and is now down 5% for the year.

Greenlight noted that the US economy has continued to soften as energy and food prices eroded consumer purchasing power. At the same time, Greenlight points to strong corporate earnings as a positive.

Bought Seagate Technology (STX)

During the quarter, Einhorn's hedge fund saw notable portfolio turnover. Greenlight built a "medium sized long position" in Seagate Technology (STX) with an average purchase price of $16.06 a share (STX currently trades around $16.90). The current issue of our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter features an analysis of STX for those interested.

Sold Positions

Greenlight also sold completely out of its position in Cardinal Health (CAH). At the same time, they continue to hold a large position in CAH's spin-off, CareFusion (CFN). You can also see the investment thesis on CFN in a free sample of our newsletter.

Einhorn's fund also sold out of CIT Group (CIT), Yahoo! (YHOO), Vicat SA (France: VCT), MI Developments (MIM), MDC Holdings (MDC), and Xerox (XRX). They also covered their short position in LED-maker Cree (CREE).

While Einhorn sold out of CIT Group, we noted last week that Dan Loeb's Third Point continues to hold CIT as one of their largest positions.

Given that Greenlight sold so many positions, it will be interested to see if they've put that capital to work elsewhere or have merely raised cash levels as a form of protection. We've highlighted one buy as Greenlight purchased Playtech (LON:PTEC) shares. Embedded below is Greenlight's Q2 letter:

If the embedded doc doesn't work, you can view/download it here.

For more from Einhorn, be sure to check out his presentation from the Ira Sohn Conference.

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