What We're Reading ~ 7/11/2011 ~ market folly

Monday, July 11, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 7/11/2011

Richard Russell: #1 reason to be underweight equities [PragCap]

Can investors make money following hedge funds? [Institutional Investor]

Review of a great book on short selling [Davian Letter]

Highly recommended: The Art of Short Selling [Kathryn Staley]

How well does your hedge fund hedge? [All About Alpha]

How likely is a hard landing in China? [WSJ]

China's boom is more investment than consumption [AR+Alpha]

Stop fooling yourself, you're not Warren Buffett [Old School Value]

ZAGG: A thin film between love and hate [Financial Investigator]

Hedge fund giants are coming up small this year [Reuters]

Paulson & Co enjoys $550 million Lehman boost [CNBC]

Hedge fund bosses sound alarm on super-sized funds [Reuters]

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