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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lee Hobson's Highside Capital Doubles Clearwire (CLWR) Stake

Lee Hobson's hedge fund Highside Capital filed a 13G with the SEC regarding shares of Clearwire (CLWR). In it, Highside reveals a 5.5% ownership stake in CLWR with 16,174,400 shares.

This marks a 129% increase in their position size since the end of the second quarter.

Clearwire Volatile Lately

Highside crossed the 5% threshold that required disclosure to the SEC on October 7th, the day Sprint (S) held their investor day .
This is relevant because that day Sprint signaled that they might cease purchases of CLWR's services after next year. Sprint owns almost 54% of Clearwire equity (but just 49.7% of voting rights).

This news, coupled with a CLWR downgrade from Moody's on October 14th, triggered speculation that Clearwire could possibly miss interest payments and caused the company's bonds to plunge.

This is the second major hedge fund we've seen take a sizable stake in Clearwire (CLWR). We highlighted how Larry Robbins' Glenview Capital bought the stock and you can read their CLWR investment thesis here.

About Highside Capital

Prior to founding Highside, Hobson was at Lee Ainslie's Maverick Capital. Highside employs a long/short equity strategy and invests in public markets. Hobson received his MBA from Harvard Business School and attended undergrad at Princeton University.

About Clearwire

Per Google Finance, Clearwire is "a provider of fourth generation (4G) wireless broadband services. Clearwire builds and operates next generation mobile broadband networks that provide high-speed mobile Internet and residential access services, as well as residential voice services. Its 4G mobile broadband network provides a connection anywhere within its coverage area."

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