What We're Reading ~ 10/21/11 ~ market folly

Friday, October 21, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 10/21/11

Steve Eisman to launch new fund in January [FINalternatives]

The case for Bank of America (BAC) as a 'terminal short' [Zero Hedge]

Why Netflix's Reed Hastings might be getting desperate [Benzinga]

The growing audience for dividends [Abnormal Returns]

Why eBay should spin-off PayPal [Motley Fool]

Is Klarman's Baupost seeking cash from investors? [Institutional Investor]

Fernandez leaves Fairholme Fund [Morningstar]

Uncovering hedge fund skill from holdings they hide [SSRN]

Paulson tells investors 'we made a mistake' [Dealbook]

Thaler's JAT Capital up 31% this year [SF Gate]

Scott Forstall, the sorcerer's apprentice at Apple [BusinessWeek]

Hedge fund guru warns of period of high inflation [Yorkshire Post]

Analyzing info from the Groupon IPO roadshow [Felix Salmon]

Kindger Morgan to buy El Paso for $21.1 billion [Dealbook]

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