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Thursday, March 8, 2012

What We're Reading ~ Tech Edition 3/8/2012

Trying something new out here on Market Folly: a sector specific linkfest. Next week week we'll also do an MBA specific linkfest. And rest assured, the regular hedge fund/market linkfests aren't going anywhere.

The spectrum crunch [CNN Money]

On AT&T's quest for more spectrum [Barrons]

Apple's iMessage the death of text messages? [The Techblock]

Wireless carriers hate the iPhone [BGR]

Apple confronts the law of large numbers [NYTimes]

Amazon's hit man [BusinessWeek]

Amazon's Jeff Bezos on thinking long term [Economist]

Online social networks & the ascent of Facebook [Can Turtles Fly?]

The unhyped new areas in internet and mobile [TechCrunch]

NFC Payments to reach $74 billion by 2015 [TechCrunch]

Visualizing at Google's earnings [Wordstream]

A look inside Pandora's box [WSJ]

Music services: Spotify versus Rdio [Wired]

Walter Isaacson's 'Steve Jobs' [Daring Fireball]

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