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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passport Capital's John Burbank: 2012 is a Stockpicker's Market

John Burbank of $4 billion hedge fund Passport Capital recently sat down with Bloomberg TV to discuss his outlook on the markets and oil, among other things.

On Why This is a Stockpicker's Market

The founder touched on his fund's strategy for those looking for more insight into his ways:

"We’re stock pickers. In fact, this is a great year to be long and short individual securities. In 2008, everything went down. In 2009, everything went up. In 2010, everything moved together and eventually ended up. Last year, things started separating. Our strategy is to be picking individual securities, companies that are not depending on economic growth.”

You can see Passport Capital's latest equity holdings in the brand new issue of our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter that was just released.

On Healthcare & Biotech

He also went on to say that, “Biotech and healthcare is one of those sectors. There hasn't been an obesity drug approved in over 30 years and we thought QNEXA would have a good chance of being approved…We were one of I think four big holders in the stock. We think it can double again because we think a large pharma would probably like to own the company at some point."

QNEXA is the drug made by VIVUS (VVUS). In addition to Passport, large holders of the stock at the end of Q4 were Caxton Associates, Citadel Advisors, D.E. Shaw & Co, and SAC Capital.

On Oil

Burbank also addressed some macro topics like oil. "[Oil] is up 16%, more than any of the indices. It's a big problem for the rest of the world - central bank easing and liquidity providing presents a lot of problems for the average consumer here but also for emerging markets around the world.”

Burbank also mentioned where he has allocated a sizable portion of his capital:

“The one market it really helps is the Saudi market. We have 15% of our capital in the Saudi market - only about 1% is held by foreigners. It should be opening up this year. So we think unfortunately QE3, which is now being pursued in Europe and Japan, essentially in the U.S. with other programs, has negative feedback loops. And oil we think is the one. Gold goes up 10%, 20%, 50%, it doesn't cause any problems with people the way banking is done these days, but oil does… I don't think oil is going to stop until the economy breaks which is a real risk."

Embedded below is the video of John Burbank's interview with Bloomberg TV:

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