What We're Reading ~ 3/1/2012 ~ market folly

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 3/1/2012

Tiger Global gets rich off IPOs long before you see them [Forbes]

Shifting hedge fund landscape: operations & due diligence [AllAboutAlpha]

Hedge fund risk management a work in progress [Simon Kerr]

A peak at Einhorn on the job [Dealbook]

Wall Street was never on your side [Abnormal Returns]

Hedge funds faulted for not being short-term enough [Reuters]

Also: Howard Marks on the hedgie performance paradigm [Market Folly]

Why hedge fund managers need fewer friends [eFinancialNews]

Dan Zwirn's fall a horror story of doing right [Bloomberg]

Warren Buffett is wrong about gold [AR+Alpha]

On what David Tepper sees in Boston Scientific [CapitalObserver]

Write up on Media General (MEG) [Kinnaras Capital]

Newer hedge funds saw $12.4 in deposits since 2009 [Bloomberg]

A secretive hedge fund legend prepares to surface [CNBC]

Confessions of a reformed stockbroker [BusinessWeek]

The new ETF that could kill mutual funds [Fiscal Times]

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