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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Hedge Fund Compensation Report

We've found a great resource if you're looking for data to help get a raise in the hedge fund industry, to switch funds, or to enter the industry as a new hire. Or if you run a hedge fund, you'll find it useful because it lets you see how much your competitors are paying their employees.

The new 2012 Hedge Fund Compensation Report is out and definitely worth a look.

Here's some key takeaways from 2012:

- Annual average cash compensation for hedge fund professionals is $311,000

- Average hedge fund employee said base pay was up 8% & bonus down 4%

- Parity: Senior associates saw 28% increase in pay, COO's saw steep drop

- Funds that focused on event-driven strategy had the best paid employees

- One in four funds say they're hiring for research positions

The full report is 44 pages long and also includes looks at base package versus bonus, year over year comparisons, average earnings by title, breakdowns of fund size, and more.

If you're wondering their sources, in the past they've pulled data from the likes of Citadel, Lansdowne, Carlson, Peak 6, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Barclays, and tons of smaller funds as well. The report is definitely a comprehensive benchmark for hedge fund compensation practices in the industry.

If you're an analyst, trader, IR professional or COO, the 2012 Hedge Fund Compensation Report is a great tool for comparison and salary negotiation. Click here to check out the report.

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