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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notes From the CIMA Conference 2012

Last month, numerous hedge fund managers gathered at the Columbia Student Investment Management Association (CIMA) Conference. This event focused less on specific stock picks and more on stock process, which we thought readers would find very useful.

Continuing to compile a compendium of timeless educational material here at Market Folly, today and tomorrow we'll be presenting a series of posts from the conference:

- Dan Loeb: Lessons He's Learned as an Investor

- David Einhorn Question & Answer Session

- Distressed Investing Panel (Dan Loeb & Daniel Krueger)

- Bruce Berkowitz's Basic Checklist for Investing & What He's Learned

- Long/Short Equity Investing Panel (Whitney Tilson)

- Bill Miller on What Stocks He Likes Now

- Michael Karsch on Risk Management

- Bruce Greenwald's Market Comments

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