What We're Reading ~ 3/21/2012 ~ market folly

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 3/21/2012

13F filings: does the 45-day delay matter? [World Beta]

And then the bulls went berzerk [Reformed Broker]

Best hedge fund performers will race ahead in 2012 [Institutional Investor]

Viking portfolio manager Jim Parsons to depart [AR+Alpha]

Hedge fund herding: the apologists' evidence [Alea]

What are the alpha characteristics of hedge funds? [AI-CIO]

Is this the end of the hedge fund manager? [Mindful Money]

Fund manager survey: conviction in growth [EON]

Value or growth, fund managers love Apple [Forbes]

Cheyne hedge fund eyes golden period for merger arb [Reuters]

Is it worth buying Buffett's picks after they're public? [Tracking WallSt]

The villain: in-depth piece on Ben Bernanke [The Atlantic]

A survey of the online money management space [World Beta]

Funny fake hedge fund letter [Economist]

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