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Friday, March 23, 2012

What We're Reading ~ MBA Edition

Continuing an experiment with our linkfests, we turn to a set of reads targeted for the MBA students in our audience (though everyone should enjoy them). Rest assured, the normal hedge fund & stock market links will continue every Wednesday.

Billion dollar lessons: learn from business failures of last 25 years [Amazon]

How to land an internship at a hedge fund [Tradestreaming]

Letters to a young analyst [Research Puzzle]

4-step entrepreneur screening test [Inc]

What Ray Dalio taught me about authentic leadership [Raleigh Coaching]

A conversation with tech visionary Peter Thiel [American Interest]

Aswath Damodaran's public course on corporate finance [Coursekit]

Also: his public course on valuation [Coursekit]

Starting a fund 101 [Columbia Business School]

Being wrong and staying wrong [Abnormal Returns]

The limits of multi-tasking [Simoleon Sense]

Learn from mistakes: 7 habits of unsuccessful executives [Forbes]

MIT open course on computer science [MIT]

Khan Academy: the future of education? [CBS News]

The truth about sleep & productivity [Inc]

Self-publishing your own book is the new business card [James Altucher]

Life is a gamble, are you all-in? [IHeartWallSt]

Epic pump up music for the next exam [YouTube]

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