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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Citadel Boosts Stakes in Evercore Partners & OmniVision Technologies

Ken Griffin's hedge fund firm Citadel recently filed two separate 13G's with the SEC. 

Evercore Partners

First, they've increased their position in Evercore Partners (EVR).  The fund now owns 5.6% of the company with 1,612,188 shares.  This marks a 57% increase in their position size since the start of the year.  This disclosure was made due to activity on April 25th.

Ken Griffin was listed as one of the top 25 highest earning hedge fund managers in 2011.

Per Google Finance, Evercore Partners is "an independent investment banking advisory firm. It operates in two segments: Investment Banking and Investment Management. Its Investment Banking segment includes its Advisory services, through which it provides advice to clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate transactions. It also provides restructuring advice to companies in financial transition, as well as to creditors, shareholders and potential acquirers. It also provides its clients with capital markets advice, underwrites securities offerings and raise funds for financial sponsors."

OmniVision Technologies

Second, Citadel also disclosed a 5.3% ownership stake in OmniVision Technologies (OVTI) with 2,747,057 shares.  This represents a 356% increase in their position size since the fourth quarter of 2011 ended.  Citadel filed with the SEC due to trading on April 30th.

Per Google Finance, Omnivision Technologies is "designs, develops and markets semiconductor image-sensor devices. The Company's main products, image-sensing devices, which it refers to as CameraChip image sensors, capture an image electronically and are used in a number of consumer and commercial mass-market applications. OmniVision’s CameraChip image sensors are manufactured using the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), fabrication process and are predominantly single-chip solutions that integrate several distinct functions including image capture, image processing, color processing, signal conversion and output of a fully processed image or video stream."

We've also posted up more recent portfolio activity from Citadel here.

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