What We're Reading ~ 5/2/2012 ~ market folly

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 5/2/2012

Notes from the DoubleLine lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach [Reformed Broker]

On 'sell in May & go away' [Abnormal Returns]

On being a contrarian & spotting paradigm shifts in investing [DistressedDebtInvesting]

Interview with Morgan Creek Capital's Mark Yusko [Index Universe]

Coinstar still a buy after 40% gain? [MarketWatch]

5 hedge fund managers who lost their superstar status [Institutional Investor]

SEC & investors preparing for hedge fund marketing 'free for all' [Forbes]

Pounding the table on Symantec [Capital Observer]

Investment write-up on Boyd Group Income [Above Average Odds]

Notes from Biglari Holdings' annual meeting [Brooklyn Investor]

The obsessive habits of Bruce Berkowitz [Business Insider]

John Paulson vs Hugh Hendry [Mindful Money]

Hedgers net short position vanishes in US oil [Reuters]

Ben Bernanke and what the Fed does next [The Economist]

Richard Koo presentation on the global economic crisis [Business Insider]

When is a 'scoop' non-public information? [Felix Salmon]

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