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Monday, June 18, 2012

Top Finance People to Follow on Twitter: Market Folly's Alpha List

Given the various "who to follow on Twitter" posts that have popped up this year, we thought we'd add a group of around 50 people we find insightful: the alpha list.  Note that this list is approached from a buyside mindset: it focuses on equity analysis, market flow, and hedge funds.  After all, Gordon Gekko once said: "the most valuable commodity I know of is information."

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Also, we've made it public so you can follow the Alpha List here

Top Finance People To Follow on Twitter: The Alpha List

In no particular order:

@HedgeFundInvest - a hedge fund manager full of insight

@PhilipEtienne - a L/S hedgie with prudent market commentary

@FirstAdopter - a trader providing original ideas, earnings call summaries & more

@TMTanalyst - a tech/media/telecom hedgie analyst with great info

@NotableCalls - great summaries of sell-side research & trading calls

@CapitalObserver - former author of our 'stock of the week' posts

@DDInvesting - distressed debt investing

@LongShortTrader - value/macro hedge fund guy

@MebFaber - CIO of Cambria Investment Management, author of World Beta

@bespokeinvest - plenty of market data & analysis

@StockJockey - name says it all

@ritholtz - author of TheBigPicture, tons of market insight

@footnoted - digging through company filings: 10K's, 10Q's and the like

@Legacy_Trades - market flow & commentary on companies

@zerohedge - you probably already follow

@AllAboutAlpha - appropriate to include on an 'alpha' list

@abnormalreturns - all the market links worth reading each day

@reformedbroker - shares market flow with humor thrown in

@StockTwits - summarizes top finance news & tweets from users

@Benzinga - tons of business news daily

@Street_Insider - continuous market news

@tradefast - tweets from a Chief Investment Officer

@researchpuzzler - resources on investment decision making

@Retail_Guru - global consumer fund manager

@MicroFundy - market and economic tweets

@djacome - equity research analyst

@StoneStAdvisors - many notable posters in this group, follow them too

@MarioGabelli - the well-known investor posts his thoughts publicly

@samgadjones - FT's hedge fund correspondent

@herbgreenberg - CNBC senior stocks commentator

@m_delamerced - NYTimes Dealbook

@TheStalwart - goes beast-mode daily covering financial news

@Alphal_pha - PM on a long/short equity fund

@ericjackson - Ironfire Capital manager & activist investor

@John_Hempton - Bronte Capital manager & short-selling specialist

@BergenCapital - hedge fund manager

@fundmyfund - Paladin Long Short manager

@mojoris1977 - special situations / event-driven focus

@BarbarianCap - fund analyst

@VolSlinger - hf manager

@savitz - Forbes SF bureau chief 

@TechStockRadar - more great tech insights

@jennablan - editor of US investment strategy @ Reuters

@Blueshiftideas - research boutique to institutions & hedgies

@vitaliyk - value investor & author

@valuepicker - value investor

@Greg_Speicher - investing educator & value investor

@asifsuria - merger arbitrage related news

@JackSchwager - author of the Market Wizards books

@DanZanger - famous swing trader

@OptionsHawk - technical analysis & trading ideas

@slopeofhope - trader, tweets on technical analysis

@cperruna - tweets on investing & technical analysis

@charlesrotblut - AAII sentiment updates & more

@calculatedrisk - your stop for housing market info

And as a bonus, we'll also mention @DavidEin - David Einhorn. Yes, that one. He was posting his World Series of Poker updates. It's extremely doubtful he'll post market material, though.  Also, @Dasan seems to have disappeared from Twitter, but if he ever comes back he'd be on this list.

P.S. - Are you a hedgie/PM/analyst on Twitter? Send us an "@" reply to let us know as we've surely missed following many insightful others! You can follow @MarketFolly on Twitter here.

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