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Friday, June 22, 2012

What We're Reading ~ Tech Sector Edition

The real bull/bear case on Apple [MicroFundy]

Argus Research starts Facebook (FB) at hold [Barrons]

Google price target cut on soft search & euro decline [Notable Calls]

Seagate & Western Digital wait for the click of death [Inquirer]

Digital's ever-swifter incursion [NYTimes]

Microsoft's love affair with tablets [All Things D]

Microsoft made the MacBook Air & iPad look obsolete [Gizmodo]

Spectrum and the wireless revolution [WSJ]

Pandora faces rivals for ears and ads [NYTimes]

Tech press misses the Google/Amazon name grab [Scripting]

Vizio reboots the PC: quiet success story takes on sleeping giants [Verge]

Viewers use tablets, phones for more content [NYpost]

How Garmin failed to see the iPhone threat [All Things D]

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