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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 7/18/12

Jack Schwager's new book: Hedge Fund Market Wizards [Amazon]

Make or break time for China [Bespoke Investment Group]

Investors' 10 most common behavioral biases [Above the Market]

Don't let models doom your portfolio [Rick Ferri]

Mega cap stocks may be poised to outperform [Disciplined Investing]

Are there secrets in SEC filings? [footnoted]

Why Windows 8 made one investor sell Microsoft [Institutional Investor]

Lone Pine Asia Chief launches hedge fund [FINalternatives]

How to get a job at a hedge fund [Forbes]

Hedge funds: mastered by the universe [The Economist]

Passport Capital winds down materials hedge fund after loss [Bloomberg]

Harbinger Capital announces second permanent capital vehicle [FINalternatives]

4 reasons the hedge fund industry is structurally dead [Minyanville]

Value investors at Research in Motion annual meeting [Barel Karsan]

Jack Welch: Corporations are people [WSJ]

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