What We're Reading ~ 9/26/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 9/26/12

Michael Mauboussin on improving investment decision making [Fool]

Interesting viewpoint: the biggest myth in the stock market today [Business Insider]

How this market is a castle on a cloud [Reformed Broker]

Latest longs and shorts from Karsch Capital [ValueWalk]

Ray Dalio on Bridgewater's competitiveness index [CNBC]

Good read: On how Warren Buffett views cash [Globe & Mail]

The 9 stocks Tiger Cubs love [Benzinga]

How good an investment were the bailouts? [Big Picture]

The limits of direct experience in an investor's education [Abnormal Returns]

Jim Chanos on shorting [Santangel's Review]

Regulatory and advertising concerns take center stage [FINalternatives]

John Paulson thinks SEC filings are a waste of time [AR+Alpha]

Appaloosa said to hold USAirways equity, AMR debt [Bloomberg]

Hedge fund redemption requests hit 2012 high in September [HedgeWorld]

Playing a game of economic survivor [Institutional Investor]

Hedge funds play catch up after missing rally [Reuters]

Psychological biases in decision making [HBR]

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