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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Julian Robertson On Why Hedge Funds Are Underperforming

Tiger Management's Julian Robertson seems to be making his yearly media rounds.  Last week we highlighted his thoughts on what stocks he likes now.  Today we're posting up his interview with BloombergTV where he talks about why hedge funds are underperforming.

On Why Hedge Funds Have Had a Challenging 2012

The Tiger Management founder said that, “They are having a challenge because a lot of people in the hedge fund business have become so disenchanted with the economies of the world. Europe is a mess and we see the fiscal problems of the United States. Hedge funds -there are a lot of them that really are disaster funds now. In other words, they are really only going to be profitable in the event of a big disaster.”

On Hedge Funds That Are Underperforming

Robertson argues that, “I think right now they are really scared. They have made a mistake. They are now unhedged because they are so scared. They really will succeed only if we have rather disastrous period…We have to assume that a black swan event is very unlikely…They have gotten so bearish that some of them that that is what has happened. They will not get out of it without a black swan type event.

This is still the best place to run money. One reason the hedge funds are not doing as well as they used to is the competition is more hedge funds. And that the competition is so much better than any other form of competition.”

The latter comments he made are something he's expanded on previously where we highlighted Robertson on the hedge fund industry past & present.

Embedded below is the video of Robertson's interview with Bloomberg:

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