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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Susan Byrne's Investment Outlook: Likes Kapstone Paper & Media Nusantara

We're posting up notes from the Great Investors' Best Ideas Investment Symposium in Dallas and next up is Susan Byrne of Westwood Holdings.  Westwood serves various institutional clients and manages $15 billion.

Byrne's Investment Outlook

She started by focusing on Westwood's outlook that in the next 1-3 years we'll see slow below potential GDP growth.  She disagrees with Lee Cooperman a little bit. She's more positive on corporate earnings and likes playing high quality names globally.

Byrne thinks we'll see rising but tame inflation and she likes to play companies that have yields higher than the S&P 500.  She said that the "ultimate risk instrument is stocks" so you need some insulation/protection in the form of a dividend.

She likes companies that grow dividends and put up a chart of the likes of Microsoft (MSFT), Exxon Mobil (XOM), Honeywell (HON), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), General Electric (GE), and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).  She points out that all of these have equity yielding more than their bonds.

Byrne feels the S&P is "somewhat undervalued" by 10-12% and she wants to beat inflation with dividend yields.  She said to look at emerging markets, in particular Indonesia.

Byrne's Stock Picks

And speaking of Indonesia, she had a stock pick from that country via shares of Media Nusantara (PTMEY via ADR), an advertising company there.  She points out that they're growing advertising by 22% a year and you can play it in the domestic market or via ADR.  The company has a 2% dividend and a mid-teens multiple.

Byrne also pitched a domestic small-cap play via Kapstone Paper (KS).  It trades at 5x EV/EBITDA, has a 10% free cash flow yield and the company's price increases for their products are holding.

For the rest of the presentations, head to notes from the Great Investors' Best Ideas conference.

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