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Monday, November 19, 2012

Greg Zuckerman on Prominent Hedge Fund Returns This Year

A WSJ interview with Greg Zuckerman highlights how hedge funds such as Appaloosa Management, Lone Pine Capital, and Tilden Park Capital are faring this year.  Zuckerman of course wrote the popular book, The Greatest Trade Ever and has covered hedge funds for some time now.

Hedge Fund Returns Thus Far This Year

Appaloosa Management: Up 25% this year.  Zuckerman points to manager David Tepper's ability to pivot correctly around bull/bear calls in the market.  While investors often consider him a distressed debt guy, he's also made money on airline stocks and various equities.  Apparently he's leaning bullish currently.

Lone Pine Capital: Up around 25% this year as well.  Zuckerman points to traditional stockpicking as Lone Pine's main success with Steve Mandel owning winners such as Apple (AAPL) and Gap (GPS).

Tilden Park Capital: Up around 30% ytd due to a wager on the housing market improving by manager Josh Birnbaum.

CQS LLP: Up around 27% in their flagship fund.  Michael Hintze's firm has been playing both debt and equity.

Embedded below is the video of Zuckerman's interview:

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