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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 1/23/13

Continuing our new "what we're reading" format of posting linkfests twice a week, the analytical links are below and hedge fund news links will be posted on Friday.

Analytical Links

Removing emotion from investing [Amazon Money & Markets]

Barron's 2013 roundtable [Barron's]

Analysis of Sears Hometown & Outlet (SHOS) [ValueInvestingLetter]

Post re-org equity: Tribune (TRBAA) [Distressed Debt Investing]

Comparing Sony to Apple [FT]

A look at Cash America (CSH) [Stone Street Advisors]

Marissa Mayer trying to repair Yahoo image [MarketingLand]

CBS putting deals under construction [NYpost]

Google, mobile search & the paradox of competition [SearchEngineLand]

Samsung: How the Korean firm became biggest tech company [Slate]

Intel's hangover continues in 2013 [Techinsidr]

US household deleveraging: a smoother ride ahead [BCA Research]

10 best stocks for 2013 [InvestorPlace]

Is this the end of the soft drink era? [WSJ]

Wake up call: free refi boom almost over [The Basis Point]

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