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Friday, January 25, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund News Links 1/25/13

We're posting linkfests twice a week now.  Earlier we posted up analytical links and today we have hedge fund/finance industry updates:

Hedge Fund News Links

Dan Loeb short Nu Skin [NYPost]

Einhorn profited from bet against Herbalife [WSJ]

Ackman vs Icahn CNBC battle [Reformed Broker]

Why the world's biggest hedge fund missed in 2012 [Fortune]

JANA takes Agrium breakup case to Canadian investors [Hedgeworld]

Kyle Bass warns of Japanese financial collapse... again [Absolute Return]

Small hedge funds top big ones in 2012 [Reuters]

Yale may buy more hedge fund assets [Bloomberg]

Hedge funds find that activism pays [BusinessWeek]

Hedge fund managers at conference forecast stock gains [Reuters]

Profile of Steve Cohen: Edge and the art collector [nplusone]

Profile of hedgie Crispin Odey [Bloomberg]

Examining Benjamin Graham's record: skill or luck? [Greenbackd]

Visual history of the S&P 500 [ETFdatabase]

Valiant Capital's Chris Hansen to buy Sacramento Kings [HedgeFundIntelligence]

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