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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What We're Reading: Analytical Links ~ 1/30/13

Lessons from hedge fund market wizard Colm O'Shea [Finance Trends Matter]

The student loan bubble is 'simply unsustainable' [Zero Hedge]

Good read on upside risks [Reformed Broker]

What you can learn from the most popular finance films [Amazon Money & Markets]

5 reasons to remain cautious on US equities [SoberLook]

On insurance investing [Aleph Blog]

Wells Fargo (WFC) is cheap [Brooklyn Investor]

Predicting the next recession [CalculatedRisk]

Top 10 ways to deal with behavioral biases [Above the Market]

CRFN & ECBE: A look at an arbitrage opportunity [Whopper Investments]

Are you a value investor? Take the Apple (AAPL) test [Aswath Damodaran]

A look at Banco Popular (BPOP) [Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax]

All TV viewers pay to keep sports fans happy [NYTimes]

12 business lessons from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos [KissMetrics]

More homeowners are mortgage-free than underwater [Zillow]

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