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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discount to the Value Investing Congress in Las Vegas Expires in 2 Days

Just wanted to pass along our discount to the Value Investing Congress in Las Vegas to our readers.  This is the first time the Spring event is in Vegas so it should be a great time.  You can take advantage of the discount here using code: S13MF6.  Hurry because the discount expires in 2 days.

Event Details

When: May 6th & 7th, 2013
Where: Encore (Steve Wynn's hotel/casino) in Las Vegas, Nevada

List of Speakers

- Steven Romick (FPA)
- Guy Gottfried (Rational Investment Group)
- Philip Goldstein (Bulldog Investors)
- J. Carlo Cannell (Cannell Capital)
- John Hempton (Bronte Capital)
- David Nierenberg (D3 Family Funds)
- Zeke Ashton (Centaur Capital)
- Chris Mittleman (Mittleman Brothers)
- Cara Jacobsen (D3 Family Funds)
- Whitney Tilson (Kase Capital)
- Vitaliy Katsenelson (Investment Management Associates)
- Geoffrey Batt (Euphrates Advisors)
- Albert H. Yong & Chan H. Lee (Petra Capital)
- Chris Mayer (Capital & Crisis)
- Marcelo Lima (Heller House)
- Zack Buckley (Buckley Capital)
- Isaac Schwartz (Robotti & Company)
- Jeff Pinter (Pintar Investment Company) 
- Amitabh Singhi (Surefin Investments)
- Ori Eyal (Emerging Value Management)
- Jeff Greene (Investor & Philanthropist)
- Tim Eriksen (Eriksen Capital)
- Joe Altman & Chris Kyriopoulos (COMPOUND Capital)
- David Hurwitz (SC Fundamental
- Harris Kupperman (Mongolia Growth Group)

As you can see, there are a TON of speakers so you're bound to hear a lot of differentiated ideas.  You can register here with MarketFolly's discount code: S13MF6.  This should also be an excellent networking opportunity.  And since the conference starts on a Monday, we'd recommend getting to Las Vegas during the weekend as it's a great excuse for a mini vacation.

Discount Expires in 2 Days

The discount expires on February 28th (in 2 days) so be sure to take advantage before it disappears.  Click here to save $1,600 off the event by using the special discount code: S13MF6.

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