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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 2/27/13

2013 comprehensive review of the best online brokerages [StockBrokers]

Vodafone's (VOD) European troubles: bad news = good news? [MicroFundy]

Investing: rules of the game [Dasan]

On buying near 52-week lows or 52-week highs [World Beta]

You're not as good an investor as you think you are [WSJ]

What Barnes & Noble (BKS) retail arm might be worth [NYTimes]

Mastercard (MA) aims at mobile payment market [Yahoo Finance]

Best Buy (BBY) takeover attempt by founder in jeopardy [Reuters]

Leveraged loan market on fire [SoberLook]

USA Mobility (USMO): Cheap, but for how long? [Barel Karsan]

The new MLP landscape [Barrons]

How to find the next Michael Kors (KORS) [The Street]

Loyalty programs, share buybacks drive Safeway (SWY) [Bizjournals]

Reed Hastings on the future of Netflix (NFLX) [GQ]

3-D printing is on the fast track [NYTimes]

Why medical bills are killing us [Time]

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