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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eton Park Capital Reduces Numerous UK Positions

Eric Mindich's hedge fund firm Eton Park Capital has reduced its disclosed positions in the UK market in the last six months without disclosing any new ones.  They've reduced the following holdings below the disclosure threshold of 3% during last year:

- Lohnro (LON: LONR)
- Daisy Group (LON:DAY)
- Sable Mining (LON:SBLM)
- Blackstar Group (LON:BLCK)
- Britvic (LON:BVIC)
- 3Legs Resources (LON:3LEG)
- Cove Energy (LON:COV)

The only remaining disclosed stakes we have in our records for Eton Park are a position in Burford Capital at 8.76% and Goldenport Holdings at 4.49% (LON:GPRT) at last disclosure.  Apparently there has been some press speculation about possible redemptions though we've not been able to confirm anything.

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