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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 2/6/13

Continuing our new linkfest format, we'll feature analytical links on Wednesdays(below) and hedge fund news/updates on Fridays.

Analytical Links

Cash is a bad habit most investors need to kick [Abnormal Returns]

Is the secular bear market coming to an end? [The Big Picture]

On investment style agnosticism [Reformed Broker]

"Where does the money come from?" [Dealbreaker]

5 ways to be the best investor you can be [Marketwatch]

US private sector deleveraging: where are we? [The Big Picture]

Amazon, Apple and the beauty of low margins [Eugene Wei]

The Amazon dilemma [MicroFundy]

Understanding Apple requires an analysis of fundamentals and psychology [II]

2 things about high yield bonds investors must understand today [CFA Institute]

What's inside America's banks? [The Atlantic]

The importance of equity buybacks [BCA Research]

Equity allocations rise to highest level since July 2011 [AAII]

Mortgage crisis lingers on at Citigroup and Bank of America [Dealbook]

A profile on Mars Incorporated [Fortune]

Youngest American woman billionaire found with In-N-Out [Bloomberg]

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