What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 3/13/13 ~ market folly

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 3/13/13

The truth about market timing [The Big Picture]

Here's what happens when rates rise [Reformed Broker]

7 big questions to help you invest better [Fool]

Advice from a contrarian: when running with the herd, it's easy to trip [Globe & Mail]

The paper world of Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) [SIRF]

Greed is Groupon (GRPN): can anyone save the company from itself? [Verge]

NYSE Net Margin debt: most important chart of last six years [Aviate Global]

Nu skin (NUS): ladders, losers and direct-marketing schemes [Caixin Online]

No Kodak moment for Hewlett Packard (HPQ) [II]

Sidetracked: why our decisions get derailed [Simoleon Sense]

In spinoffs, a time to jettison undesirable liabilities [NYTimes]

A pitch on Northbridge Industrial Services (NBI.L) [Octomore]

Gold is the worst investment of 2013 [Quartz]

Quantitative easing: the greatest con ever sold [Minyanville]

7 investment principles for entrepreneurs [Inc]

Offshore cash hoard expands by $183 billion at companies [Bloomberg]

Amazing shift in US fuel consumption trajectory [FT Alphaville]

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