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Friday, March 8, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 3/8/13

Some hedge fund short activity in Europe [ValueWalk]

Hedge fund fees: price competition? [Research Puzzle]

What GLRE is worth to David Einhorn [Brooklyn Investor]

Market thoughts from Whitebox's Andrew Redleaf [Absolute Return]

Interview with Mohnish Pabrai [Outlook India]

Tiger Accelerator Fund pounces back after early losses [HFIntelligence]

Skybridge: MBS trade far from over [HFIntelligence]

For mortgage hedgies, 2013 is a bond-picker's market [Reuters]

Paulson gold fund down 18% [Bloomberg]

Why it's smart to be reckless on Wall Street [Scientific American]

Fees on global hedge funds rise in 2012 [LifeHealthPro]

Quotes from Vanity Fair's profile on Bill Ackman [BusinessInsider]

Bridgewater the hottest fund for Harvard Grads [Daily Beast]

Porsche/VW: 12 hedge funds drop US appeal over short squeeze [Reuters]

In Herbalife (HLF) short war, hedge funds miss the target [Dealbook]

Hedge fund investors rediscover taste for equities [Reuters]

Agrium (AGU) issues proxy circular, slams JANA's break-up plans [Reuters]

Lansdowne CEO Paul Ruddock to step down in June [Reuters]

Hong Kong is no longer such a haven for Western hedge fund managers [Quartz]

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