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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free 35 Page Report on Family Office Investors (PDF)

Richard C. Wilson, CEO of the Family Offices Group has created a 35 page report on family office investors that you can download for free here:

Family Offices are a growing investor segment for all types of alternative investment funds including hedge funds.  At the same time, both single and multi-family offices are typically very private and relatively hard to learn about as a investor base.  Our educational report helps you learn the fundamentals of family offices for free, to help spread education and understanding of this area.  Right now family offices are being started on a daily basis all over the world and in 10 years from now the industry will be three times as large in terms of assets under management.  It is important for every fund manager to gain an understanding of this investor type now, before they are left behind on this global trend.

As you may already know, the Family Offices Group is the largest association of family office professionals in the world with 60,000 global members.  They provide live events, family office data (, a bestselling book, and their free to download family office report.

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