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Friday, April 19, 2013

Kyle Bass on MBS, Housing & Gold: Bloomberg Interview

We wanted to quickly highlight Kyle Bass' appearance on Bloomberg TV from last week for some of his comments on housing, the mortgage-backed securities market, gold and other topics.  The Hayman Capital founder also talked about Japan, his longstanding topic of interest.

On residential mortgage-backed securities: “That investment is working…The various concentric circles surrounding housing not getting worse, which is how we think about it. We are not expecting it to get materially better, just not to get worse. The services sectors, the new mortgage insurance companies, the things that are actually asymmetric investments you can make around the housing market not worsening are where the majority of our long side of our portfolio is.”

Just yesterday, we highlighted a piece from hedge fund Prologue Capital on MBS and the housing market which featured bullish comments on the industry as they see a recovery happening.

Bass mentioned playing mortgage servicers and these related bets have been popular amongst hedgies.  Our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter in the past has flagged that many funds have been active in shares of Ocwen Financial (OCN) and the like.

Turning to other positions Bass might potentially be involved with, Hayman disclosed an ownership stake in Realogy (RLGY) at the end of the fourth quarter.  The residential brokerage house completed its IPO during Q4.

On the future of Fannie and Freddie: “I have no clue…We decided to just exit, thinking about them when you meet with both sides of the aisle, they both want a bullet in their head. Typically when that happens you get a bullet in your head. The second thing we were thinking about, if you remember there was a proposal to start raising the g-fees. There is a way for the U.S. Treasury to get paid back all of the money they've pumped into Fannie and Freddie if they start raising g-fees."

On gold: “We have always had a position in gold. When you think about the largest central banks in the world, they have all moved to unlimited printing ideology. Monetary policy happens to be the only game in town. I am perplexed as to why gold is as low as it is. I don't have a great answer for you other then you should maintain a position.”

Embedded below is Bass' latest Bloomberg TV interview where he talks about many other topics:

For more on this hedge fund manager, we've also posted up Bass' short of Japanese Government Bonds.

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