What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 7/10/13 ~ market folly

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 7/10/13

On saving investors from themselves [WSJ]

Smart and stupid arguments for active management [Reformed Broker]

Incorporating right-brain thinking into your investment process [Investing 501]

How gold lost its luster [The Big Picture]

A dozen things I've learned about the psychology of investing [25iq]

Steel: an inferno of unprofitability [The Economist]

On dealing with a rising interest rate environment [WSJ]

30-year mortgage rates surge to highest level in 2 years [Zillow]

The Dow Jones Index between 1789 and today [Go Infront]

MJN, ABT, NSRGY: China investigates foreign makers of baby formula [WSJ]

DVA: dialysis pay would drop $970 million under CMS proposed rule [BNA]

DIS: An interview with head of ESPN John Skipper [HollywoodReporter]

Talk of mergers stirs cable TV's big players [NYTimes]

Labor market spider chart [Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta]

The best investment advice you'll never get [San Francisco Magazine]

Merchant banks make a comeback [WSJ]

The scam Wall Street learned from the mafia [Rolling Stone]

A report on Corrections Corp of America (CXW) [Scribd]

Introducing the Winklevoss Bitcoin trust [FT Alphaville]

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