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Friday, July 12, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 7/12/13

Hedge funds are for suckers [BusinessWeek]

Kyle Bass: China could see 'full scale recession' next year [ValueWalk]

JOBS Act: On hedge fund marketing strategies [AllAboutAlpha]

Perry Capital sues US Treasury over Fannie & Freddie dividends [FT]

Also,  here's Berkowitz's legal filing re: Fannie/Freddie [Reuters]

Ackman's Pershing Square trying to raise $ for single-stock fund (AGAIN) [Reuters]

Eddie Lampert's troubles at Sears [BusinessWeek]

Are hedge funds worth the money? Depends on who you ask [Forbes]

Even more negativity: don't invest in hedge funds [The Atlantic]

A label for activist investors that no longer fits [NYTimes]

RenTec's Jim Simons: strategy to shield profit from taxes draws IRS ire [Bloomberg]

Investment banks eye hedge funds for the masses [CNBC]

For financial geeks, a do-it-yourself hedge fund site [Reuters]

A hedge fund investing in soccer stars [Bloomberg]

Hedge fund superstars earn extreme wealth through increasingly scalable tech [HFI]

Major Vivus shareholder to support activist's slate [Hedgeworld]

Dubin gives up CEO role at Highbridge Capital [WSJ]

For readers down under: John Hempton's Bronte Capital is hiring [Bronte]

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