TPG-Axon Discloses Outerwall Stake ~ market folly

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TPG-Axon Discloses Outerwall Stake

Per a 13G just filed with the SEC, Dinakar Singh's TPG-Axon has revealed a 5.1% passive stake in Outerwall (OUTR) with shares 1,434,429.  This is a brand new position for them and the filing was required due to activity on October 4th.

We just posted about how JANA Partners has gone activist on Outerwall and now TPG-Axon has disclosed a stake in the company formerly known as Coinstar as well.

The NYPost just highlighted that the company has "rebuffed fresh approaches from buyout firms."  Piper Jaffray has also said they see a sum of the parts value of $70 for OUTR.

Conversely, Bloomberg points out that around 30% of OUTR shares were sold short as of the beginning of October.

Per Google Finance, Outerwall is "a provider of automated retail solutions, which offers convenient products and services. The Company's offerings in automated retail include its Redbox business, where consumers can rent or purchase movies and video games from self-service kiosks (Redbox segment), and its Coin business, where consumers can convert their coin to cash or stored value products at self-service coin counting kiosks (Coin segment). Its New Ventures business (New Ventures segment) is focused on identifying, evaluating, building, and developing self-service concepts in the marketplace."

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