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Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Office Training

The Family Offices Group is the largest family office association, and they are offering a few family office training programs that may be of interest.  These programs can help single and multi-family offices professionalize their business, and they can be instructive to those looking to raise capital from family offices, or work with them on a co-investment or club deal investing basis.

Two Family Office Training Programs:

Self-Paced Family Office Training: The Qualified Family Office Professional (QFOP) is an industry-leading family office training and certification program that the Family Offices Group offers, to date over 500 professionals have joined.  To learn more about this program please see

Family Office Workshops: The Family Offices Group offers live training workshops where you can network with single and multi-family offices, build your relationships in the industry, and learn about family office trends, and investment mistakes to avoid.  If you would like to learn more about family office risk management, co-investments, and meet face-to-face with family offices you can register for our next workshop here:

If you want to do more research on the Family Offices Group, and haven't downloaded their free report yet you can join over 30,000 others by downloading this now here:

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