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Friday, December 6, 2013

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 12/6/13

Hedge fund ideas from the InvestPitch competition [Institutional Investor]

Baupost Group to return $4 billion to investors [II Alpha]

Biggest trends that hedge funds encountered this year? [ValueWalk]

Jim Chanos betting against CGI Group [Newsweek]

Chanos also shorting US coal sector [Reuters]

Passport Capital gains with Asian internet stocks [HedgeWorld]

Study shows women beat men as hedge fund managers [FINalternatives]

Investors pull back from Lampert's fund [Dealbook]

Tepper's Appaloosa to return some investor money [II Alpha]

Hugh Hendry capitulates, turns bullish [Zerohedge]

Short sellers see once in a lifetime opportunity [CNBC]

Short sellers have had a miserable year [WSJ]

Tiger Global invests in Glassdoor [HedgeWorld]

White House rejects Fairholme's Fannie/Freddie plan [FINalternatives]

Hedge funds get 'too cosy' with prime brokers [FT]

Taconic's co-founder to retire [CNBC]

From hedge fund to family office [Forbes]

A second act for a top Wall Street strategist [Dealbook]

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